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World’s Largest Outdoor Art Show, Art Everywhere US, Goes Live in Times Square and Throughout All 50 States–58 Works of American Art from Five Major Museums Pop Up on Billboards and Signs across the Country, August 4-31

The Largest Outdoor Art Show Ever Conceived–A Free Nationwide Celebration of American Masterworks–To Begin August 4, 2014 – April 7,2014

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper Tops the List of American Artworks Selected for the Largest Outdoor Art Show Ever Conceived

Adventure Student Travel
Keep Your Eyes Peeled: Art Replacing Ads on Billboards this Summer
May 28, 2014

Art Takes Over 50,000 Outdoor Ad Spaces in the U.S., and Wow Is It Beautiful
August 4, 2014

Al Jazeera America News
Museum initiative brings the art to the streets
April 19, 2014

American Public Transportation Association 
‘Art Everywhere’–Even on Transit
August 22, 2014

Artworks Chosen to be Displayed Across US
June 20, 2014

Architectural Digest
Five Museums Reproduce Artworks on 50,000 Billboards
July 29, 2014

Art Daily
World’s largest outdoor art show, Art Everywhere US, goes live today in Times Square
August 5, 2014

Art Media Agency
“Art Everywhere” brings art to the public domain
April 9, 2014

Associated Press (national wire)
The Big Story:  “American art to flood US billboards this summer”
April 7, 2014

BBC Entertainment & Arts
The Big Picture: Art Everywhere US
August 5, 2014

BBC World Service
Interview with Art Everywhere US Artist
April 12, 2014

Blouin ArtInfo
Art Everywhere” Takes Major Paintings to Billboards in Times Square
August 11, 2014
Art Everywhere! And in Boston
August 5, 2014

These Masterful Works of Art With Boston Ties Could Be Displayed Nationwide as Billboards
June 30, 2014

CBS 2 Chicago WBBM-TV
“Museums to Create Pop-Up Displays of Artwork”
April 7, 2014

Chicago Daily Herald
“American art to flood US billboards this summer”
April 7, 2014

Chicago Tribune
“Art Institute taking its work outside this summer”
April 7, 2014

Cool Hunting
A nationwide art show celebrating 50 American classics
August 4, 2014

American Art to Take Over Billboards This Summer
April 24, 2014

Five Major Museums And OAAA To Organize Art Everywhere US
April 8, 2014

Dallas Art News
Dallas Museum of Art Announces Largest Outdoor Art Show Ever
April 8, 2014

Dallas Morning News
“DMA joins 4 elite museums in nationwide outdoor display of American masterworks”
April 7, 2014 

Dallas News
Finalists announced in ArtEverywhereUS; Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks is No. 1
June 20, 2014

Dallas News
Voting ends today in outdoor art campaign, involving the DMA and other elite museums
May 8, 2014

dwojka (Poland)
April 11, 2014

ETtoday (China)
April 18, 2014

“Art Everywhere U.S.” Unveils 58 Works To Be Displayed In Free, Open-Air Galleries
June 30, 2014

Art Everywhere US
August 28, 2014

Five US Museums to Put Famous Art on 50,000 Billboards
April 9, 2014

The Guardian
Art Everywhere – send us your photos of the world’s largest art show
August 5, 2014

Huffington Post
An Afternoon of Following ‘Art Everywhere’
August 28, 2014

‘Art Everywhere’ will paper American masterpieces on billboards this summer
April 9, 2014

‘Art Everywhere’ described as largest open-air art show in history
April 7, 2014

Kuwait Times
Art Everywhere US – American art begins flooding billboards in US
August 8, 2014

Liberty Voice
Art Will Soon Be Everywhere
April 7, 2014

Los Angeles Times
“’Largest outdoor art show’: Five U.S. museums unite for Art Everywhere”
April 7, 2014

Is That Andy Warhol on My Park Bench?
August 6, 2014

Media Bistro
Museum Masterpieces Head Outdoors with Art Everywhere’s U.S. Debut
August 5, 2014

Medialife Magazine
Great art everywhere you look around – The works of Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer and more
July 31, 2014

National Endowment for the Arts
Art, Coming to a Billboard Near You
July 25, 2014

New York Times
America, Online: Love for Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’
June 20, 2014

NPR Dallas KERA News
“Dallas Museum of Art Joins National Art Everywhere Contest”
April 7, 2014

NPR Dallas KERA-FM & Art & Seek
“DMA Joins ‘Art Everywhere’ – Largest Outdoor Art Gallery in US”
April 7, 2014

Out of Home Magazine
Art Everywhere US Debuts Nationwide
August 4, 2014

Art Everywhere paints American landscape with favorite masterpieces
August 15, 2014

Huge al fresco U.S. art show debuts in Times Square
August 5, 2014

Art Everywhere in Times Square
August 4, 2014

USA Today
Have you experienced Art Everywhere yet?
August 4, 2014

Hopper’s Nighthawks and 57 Other Works Will Be on Subways, Bus Stops, and Airports Across the Country
June 20, 2014

Voice of America
Artworks Tell Story of American Culture, History
August 27, 2014

W Magazine
Art EVERYWHERE! A new project takes iconic American pieces on the road.
August 5, 2014

Waco Tribune
Arts: ‘Everywhere’ art show brings US classics from coast to coast
May 15, 2014

Wall Street Journal 
Times Square Transformed Into Outdoor Art Show
August 4, 2014

Wall Street Journal
Ed Ruscha, Chuck Close, Andy Warhol to be Featured on Billboards
July 29, 2014

Washington Post
Art Everywhere U.S. gets art out of museums to get people into museums   
August 19, 2014

Washington Post
“‘Art Everywhere’ advertising campaign to celebrate American masters”
April 7, 2014

July 24, 2014

‘Art Everywhere’: 50,000 billboards turn into works of art
April 8, 2014
Art Everywhere Comes to Times Square
August 5, 2014