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Learning photography is challenging. Art Everywhere is a team of seasoned professionals and hobbyists who love to share out passion for all things photography. Our goal is to help anyone with a camera enjoy learning photography.

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We create quality content


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Who We Are

Our team at Art Everywhere is made up of an international group of expert, enthusiast, and hobby photographers. We are all passionate about taking photos and sharing our knowledge and experience with anyone willing to learn.

Our articles, tutorials, videos, and other content are all designed to provide you with the best photography learning experience. No matter what type of photography you enjoy or want to learn, you will find informative teaching and inspiration at Art Everywhere.

Our Team

Why Should You Trust Us?

There is a huge amount of information available out there about photography. Some of it is useful and some of it might leave you with more questions than answers.

We are a dedicated team of experts, enthusiasts, and hobby photographers. We comprehensively research each topic and combine this with our personal experience. Our readers are our number one priority and you can be assured that everything you learn at Art Everywhere is informative and practical. 

We value quality information that is well researched and presented in a simple manner. All of our content is written by subject-matter experts and the information we share is all carefully created and edited. So you can be assured that it is beneficial for your photography learning experience.

Our team is enthusiastic about serving the photography community with integrity. To us, this means whatever content we produce is carefully researched and tested. We aim to provide you with the best opportunity to improve your photography skills.

We want to see you grow both technically and creatively. Photography must be a combination of these things. Without a balanced set of skills, your results remain limited. Combining the expertise of our team, we share content designed to teach you the mechanics of camera use and the creative and artistic aspects of photography.

Affiliate Disclaimer

At Art Everywhere, we sometimes link to photography products and gear using affiliate links. When you make a purchase from any of these links, we receive a commission. This helps us to continue to provide you with high-value content. This marketing initiative does not impact the reviews or comparisons of products we make on our website. We keep the information we provide as rounded and balanced as possible. Doing so helps you make the best possible choices about buying the right photography products.

We only partner with companies that create high-quality products. So when we promote a product you know it is because we believe it’s genuinely the best product for you. Our product reviews, roundups, and buying guides are all independently produced.

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